June 4, 2020

Lakha Sidhana Bio | Village | Family | Birth | Contact Number

Lakha Sidhana Bio | Village | Family Birth Contact Number The son of an ordinary farmer whose dream was to join the army, because of his house having a total land of 10 forts, Lakha used to keep a house from a middle-class family. Lakha’s family members wanted their son to grow up and take up a job, but Lakha chose a different route.

Today we are going to talk about Lakhwinder Singh Saran alias Lakha Sidhana, who was a timeless king of some time crime. When Lakhavinder Singh entered the world of crime to make a false fame and his name in the world, Lakha himself did not even know that Lakhwinder Singh became gangster Lakha Sidhana.। 

Lakha Sidhana Biography

Lakkha, who was imprisoned for the first time in 2004 due to some minor skirmish, entered the world of crime so much that there was no such year from 2004 to 2016 when Lakha Sidhana did not go to jail.

There are more than 50 cases against Lakkha. In which there have been serious allegations like murder, robbery, intention murder. Today Alam is that gangster Lakha Sidhana wants to get out of the world of crime and become a good person. If we talk of Lakha Sidhana today, he is known as Samaj Sevi, how to become a gangster Samaj Sevi, today we will know this story from the beginning. .

Lakha Sidhana Date of Birth And Village

Lakkha Sidhana was born on 16 January 1985 in village Sidhana in Rampura Phool, a town in Bathinda town in Punjab. Lakkha Sidhana was very smart in his childhood, he did his schooling from his village, after which he went to Malwa College in Rampura Phool for his graduation. After completing his studies from Malwa College, he took admission in DAV College Bathinda and got his double M.A. Completed.

Lakha Sidhana Cases

When Lakha Sidhana was studying in college, he also started to feel that he too had a name in the entire area. For this reason, Lakkha entered the world of crime, in the year 2004, he was imprisoned for the first time due to a clash, after which the process continued. After the clash, Lakha went to jail almost every year due to several serious charges like murder, intention murder, robbery, assault.

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Lakha told in one of his interviews that some local leaders used to do all this work. To beat someone, to capture polling booths and to suppress testimony in a case and to implicate another man in their false case were done by Lakha Sidhana and his friends. According to Lakkha, in 2008, he took over several polling booths, accused Lakha of murder in 2006, and Lakha was jailed for about 30 to 40 times due to many more similar charges.

Lakha Sidhana Bio | Village | Family | Birth | Contact Number

He says that only the person who has seen death closely knows the value of life. Something similar happened with Lakkha Sidhana attacked Lakha twice, for the first time Lakkha’s two goria hit her head but she survived. The second time Lakkha was hit in the stomach by 5 pills but due to good luck Lakkha survived this time too. But this time, these pills made Lakha realize the value of her life.

Second, according to Lakkha’s saying that whenever he used to go to jail, he used to read some books in jail, including some books of Marxism, biography of Lenin, Bhagat Singh and so on and he spent many years about the life of patriots. . So that inspired him to do some good work for his country, after which Lakkha came out of the world of crime and thought of doing something good.

According to Lakkha, once a person was murdered by Lakkha due to a quarrel in the court, after which Lakkha also had to go to jail for a few years. But according to Lakkha, this work was the worst work of his life, which he still regrets. Lakkha says that Lakkha hated herself after seeing the condition of her family after the death of the person whom she had murdered. After which Lakkha thought of leaving such works to become a good person.

A total of 44 companions of Lakkha Sidhana were killed in these gangwars. Some of whom were killed in an encounter by the police and some were killed by other gangs due to their anger. Lakkha was also tried to kill 2 times but he survived.

Lakha Sidhana in Politicas

After an argument with some politicians of Bathinda, Lakha decided to enter politics to defeat him but no party was ready to give tickets to a gangster. For which Lakha held a huge rally at Rampur Phool on 17 September 2012. PPP Punjab People’s Party gave Lakha an MLA ticket after seeing the gathering at the rally. Lakha did not win this election. Lakha received over 10,000 votes in this election.

Lakha Sidhana Bio | Village | Family | Birth | Contact Number

Today Lakkha Sidhana sees herself as a social worker. In recent times, Unoh was in the news for his opposition to promoting gangsters and intoxication in Punjabi songs. In addition to this, to write above all the Punjabi language on the National Highway in Punjab, black ink was wiped on the sign boards installed there. For which Lakkha had to go to jail. Apart from this, he goes from village to village and gives a speech against drug addiction. We hope you like our article. For more articles like this, like our Facebook page.

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